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1139FeatureRejectedNormalPy: Provide Simulation class with possibility to set vector of SimulationElements from outside

17 Jul 2015 11:24pospelov
1113BugRejectedNormalGUI: python script view is not updating while selecting different multilayersSprint 31

26 Jun 2015 16:46pospelov
1104DocumentationRejectedNormaldon't use version-dependent URLs in the online docs

17 Jun 2015 09:35wuttke
1103FeatureRejectedNormalextend simulation to transmission geometry (detector images with z<0)

12 Jun 2015 17:57wuttke
1098DocumentationRejectedNormalAdd Python examples Interference2DLatticeSumOfRotated and TriangularRipple to Drupal

10 Jun 2015 12:31herck
1094RefactoringRejectedNormalRemove ISample::preprocess

28 May 2015 10:16herck
1089RefactoringRejectedNormalRefactor interface of evaluate(pol) of Form Factors

21 May 2015 13:45herck
1080FeatureRejectedNormalProvide convenient way of running/comparing jobs with same plotting style

12 May 2015 16:05pospelov
1070BugRejectedNormalUnix should install to /usr/local/lib, not to versioned subdirectory

09 May 2015 09:39wuttke
1044FeatureRejectedNormalEncode magnetization of materials instead of total magnetic induction

17 Apr 2015 15:09herck
1031DocumentationRejectedNormalCoordinate system and transformations

07 Apr 2015 23:26a.glavic
1030FeatureRejectedNormalSLD, specular and particle density

07 Apr 2015 23:20a.glavic
1029FeatureRejectedNormalToF support in OffSpecSimulation

07 Apr 2015 23:12a.glavic
1004FeatureRejectedNormalGUI: revise tooltips in all GUI elements

06 Mar 2015 15:13pospelov
995RefactoringRejectedNormalNew GUI buttons are badly visible under MacOS

24 Feb 2015 17:33herck
985DocumentationRejectedNormalExplain convolution sign (\otimes) in User Manual

20 Feb 2015 11:47wuttke
947RefactoringRejectedNormalRefactor DWBASimulation family

02 Feb 2015 10:58pospelov
945DocumentationRejectedNormalDrupal: add prototype of new content to represent PythonAPI items

02 Feb 2015 10:19pospelov
940FeatureRejectedNormalGUI: implement export to Python script

02 Feb 2015 09:46pospelov
926FeatureRejectedNormalProvide evanescent wave python exampleSprint 37

14 Jan 2015 08:48pospelov
892FeatureRejectedNormalProvide BornAgain support in MacPorts

11 Nov 2014 11:43pospelov
890FeatureRejectedNormalFormfactor restrictions in fitting and distributions

07 Nov 2014 16:14ganeva
853FeatureRejectedNormalProvide particles with size distribution in GUI

23 Oct 2014 08:40pospelov
842FeatureRejectedNormalProvide IntensityData object with helper methods to import user data

21 Oct 2014 08:59pospelov
793FeatureRejectedNormalIcon for BornAgain application

02 Sep 2014 11:08ganeva
767FeatureRejectedNormalAdd functionality into MinimizerFactory::printCatalogue.

14 Aug 2014 14:10pospelov
702FeatureRejectedNormalImplement position particle info equivalent in GUISprint 23

04 Jun 2014 15:02pospelov
698FeatureRejectedNormalFix incompatibility between integration over bin and infinite particles

04 Jun 2014 12:45herck
693FeatureRejectedNormalUsability issues and small feature requests from first users.

03 Jun 2014 17:55pospelov
656FeatureRejectedNormalImplement views for 1D and 2D paracrystals

14 Apr 2014 11:23pospelov
632BugRejectedNormalStrange behavior of Lattice2DIFParameters from python

10 Mar 2014 13:50pospelov
621DocumentationRejectedNormalClean up OpenGrok code browser

25 Feb 2014 09:46pospelov
602FeatureRejectedNormalProvide serialization of JobModel

12 Feb 2014 15:11pospelov
601FeatureRejectedNormal=== Investigate OpenMP/MPI/GPU ===

12 Feb 2014 13:49pospelov
593DocumentationRejectedNormalWrite Doxygen section about Layer, MultiLayer, Roughness, Particle

12 Feb 2014 13:37pospelov
592DocumentationRejectedNormalWrite Appendix section about Layer, MultiLayer, Roughness, Particle

12 Feb 2014 13:36pospelov
583FeatureRejectedNormalImplement beam divergence functional test

06 Feb 2014 15:21pospelov
542FeatureRejectedNormalWindows installer: check existence of BornAgain and uninstall it if exists

20 Dec 2013 11:39pospelov
513FeatureRejectedNormalComposition of transformations

26 Nov 2013 12:30herck
500FeatureRejectedNormalWindows installer: check presence of Python

18 Nov 2013 09:47pospelov
496DocumentationRejectedNormalAdd description of the covered functionality

12 Nov 2013 16:35ganeva
487DocumentationRejectedNormalProvide screenshots for project homepage

07 Nov 2013 16:32wuttke
474FeatureRejectedNormalImplement functional test to run through all defined form factors

07 Nov 2013 15:30pospelov
466BugRejectedNormalOur CMake gets confused when there are boost 1.46 and 1.48 present on the system

30 Oct 2013 17:40pospelov
464FeatureRejectedNormalInvestigate running TeamCity build agent on Windows server

29 Oct 2013 16:41pospelov
442DocumentationRejectedNormalReview SoftwareDesignOverview section

11 Oct 2013 18:03pospelov
434FeatureRejectedNormalUser Requests campaign

10 Oct 2013 14:33pospelov
433DocumentationRejectedNormalWrite paragraph with performance comparison IsGISAXS vs FitGISAXS vs BornAgain

08 Oct 2013 23:38pospelov
425FeatureRejectedNormalWrite deployment script for Windows

06 Oct 2013 10:34pospelov
422DocumentationRejectedNormalWrite page with BornAgain / IsGISAXS comparison

30 Sep 2013 09:51pospelov
421TestingRejectedNormalRepair Performance testSprint 18

30 Sep 2013 09:49pospelov
420FeatureRejectedNormalRefactor BornAgainCPack by removing generator's setting in separate files

27 Sep 2013 12:41pospelov
405FeatureRejectedNormalMove filepath definitions to one single class/namespace

24 Sep 2013 09:59herck
401FeatureRejectedNormalCode cleanup in widgetbox to get rid from private Qt headers

19 Sep 2013 10:07pospelov
395FeatureRejectedNormalCreate rpm package

10 Sep 2013 12:55wuttke
387DocumentationRejectedNormalProvide correct calculation of detected intensity for polarization

04 Sep 2013 11:17herck
386FeatureRejectedNormalAdd extra functionality for neutron polarization

04 Sep 2013 11:12herck
380RefactoringRejectedNormalGet rid from multiple inheritance ICloneable, IParameterized

02 Sep 2013 14:38pospelov
369DocumentationRejectedNormalUserManual campaign

26 Aug 2013 10:55herck
337FeatureRejectedNormalcmake: implement CPack generation of tgz archive

25 Jul 2013 21:42pospelov
315DocumentationRejectedNormalFor the sake of modern look and fill - install latest dokuwiki

04 Jul 2013 17:21pospelov
300FeatureRejectedNormalInvestigate alternatives to Monte-Carlo computation of non-analytic form factors

01 Jul 2013 17:29herck
297RefactoringRejectedNormalRefactor campaign for SampleDesigner

20 Jun 2013 18:02pospelov
293FeatureRejectedNormalProvide export of ISample object into python code creating the same object

03 Jun 2013 11:36pospelov
292FeatureRejectedNormalSampleDesigner: Provide conversion of SampleView into ISample object

03 Jun 2013 11:34pospelov
287FeatureRejectedNormalIntensityData campaign

09 May 2013 23:11wuttke
285FeatureRejectedNormaldecide about Python binding

09 May 2013 20:59wuttke
271FeatureRejectedNormalImplement PyQt4 prototype

26 Apr 2013 11:14pospelov
269TestingRejectedNormalPythonAPI: prepare set of C++/Python binding examples using SIP

25 Apr 2013 13:21pospelov
267BugRejectedNormalFix stderr redirection of TestCore unit tests

17 Apr 2013 11:33herck
262RefactoringRejectedNormalclarify semantics of INamed

11 Apr 2013 16:46wuttke
243BugRejectedNormalApp/App produces tons of warnings

24 Mar 2013 08:53wuttke
240RefactoringRejectedNormalRenaming campaign

23 Mar 2013 13:10wuttke
222FeatureRejectedNormalPythonAPI: provide import of OutputData class from numpy array

19 Mar 2013 12:49pospelov
211RefactoringRejectedNormalGet rid from fixRatioBetweenParameters in parameter pool by introducing new ParticleBuilder

12 Mar 2013 10:44pospelov
191BugRejectedNormalGui: improve performance of TQtWidget in the case of CONT4Z option

06 Mar 2013 15:19pospelov
189FeatureRejectedNormalGUI: implement prototype(s), decide about architecture

05 Mar 2013 12:23pospelov
180FeatureRejectedNormalInvestigate serialization of Core objects

20 Feb 2013 16:42herck
174FeatureRejectedNormalGui prototype: implement prototype of Fit window with empty docks for Fit RunInfo, Minimizer Settings, Parameters, Area selection

18 Feb 2013 11:42pospelov
168RefactoringRejectedNormalCreate class to hold Experiment, SimulationParameters and ISample

06 Feb 2013 12:51herck
166DocumentationRejectedNormalCreate architectural overview documentation

04 Feb 2013 10:07herck
165FeatureRejectedNormalImplement automatic averaging over distributed parameters

31 Jan 2013 15:31herck
158RefactoringRejectedNormalRefactor parameter pool

23 Jan 2013 13:48pospelov
104RefactoringRejectedNormalRestructure global data shared by App and Core

10 Oct 2012 16:56herck
98FeatureRejectedNormalProvide automatic generation of diffuse scattering particles (2)

08 Oct 2012 10:29herck
91RefactoringRejectedNormalRefactoring: NamedVector subclass which holds equidistant binning

27 Sep 2012 12:57pospelov
89RefactoringRejectedNormalPerformance: collapse long IFormFactor chains

20 Sep 2012 08:34herck
83RefactoringRejectedNormalPerformance: integration over angles

07 Sep 2012 15:18herck
78FeatureRejectedNormalCode quality: insert App code in doxygen in the form of the group; remove Doc, ThirdParty from grok indexing

07 Aug 2012 11:58pospelov
37FeatureRejectedNormalComparison with experiment: fit sample ex001 from our database

25 May 2012 16:41pospelov
34FeatureRejectedNormalImplement different types of detector scans

25 May 2012 15:25pospelov
32FeatureRejectedNormalImplement neutron polarization (for magnetic scattering)

23 May 2012 13:40herck
13FeatureRejectedNormalImplement parameterized shape functions and their respective form factors

19 Apr 2012 14:33herck
2192Envelope taskArchivedNormal1D data import functionalitySprint 41

10 Oct 2018 07:47dmitry
1752DocumentationArchivedNormalCreate tutorial about multiple particle layouts.

19 Jan 2017 11:17pospelov
1606Envelope taskArchivedNormal=== Manual and Examples ===

14 Sep 2016 15:49wuttke
1520BugArchivedNormalGUI: global progress bar seems to be not updatingSprint32

19 Jul 2016 13:42pospelov
1402Envelope taskArchivedNormalcmake tasks (OS independent)

12 Apr 2016 08:54wuttke
1388FeatureArchivedNormalGUI: refactor RealTimeActivitySprint 31

18 Mar 2016 16:10pospelov
1367BugArchivedNormalFix python bindings to make fitting example FitAlongSlices workingSprint 31

07 Mar 2016 15:47pospelov

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