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2470ConfigurationBacklogLowInstaller: Windows: link GSL dynamically

30 Jun 2020 17:12wuttke
2460ConfigurationRejectedLowRepository: split into Fit, Core, GUI?

22 May 2020 15:07wuttke
2458ConfigurationRejectedLowMove to Jugit, gitlab-ci, scgbuild, local Windows

19 May 2020 19:13wuttke
2411FeatureBacklogLowGUI: Fitting Activity View - a couple of improvements

31 Oct 2019 09:51juan
2407FeatureBacklogLowGUI: Add q-space coordinates for Off-Specular simulations results

25 Sep 2019 09:20juan
2391RefactoringBacklogLowCode organization: Move builder classes out of Core or to dedicated namespace

31 Jul 2019 12:13wuttke
2390RefactoringBacklogLowCore: Intensity/ArrayUtils.h: CreateDataImpl: Revise and document

31 Jul 2019 11:36wuttke
2383FeatureBacklogLowFit: consider exclusion of masked areas from the data provided by FitObjective

30 Jul 2019 16:04pospelov
2378FeatureBacklogLowFit: enable new Minuit2 algorithm to Core and GUI

08 Jul 2019 14:59pospelov
2368FeatureBacklogLowGUI: Simulation tab: decouple setup editor from action buttons

17 May 2019 15:26wuttke
2367FeatureBacklogLowGUI: Sample builder: "Layers" section incorrectly suggests choice between "MultiLayer" and "Layer"

17 May 2019 14:55wuttke
2366FeatureBacklogLowGUI: move Import1D/2D buttons to "File" menu

17 May 2019 14:38wuttke
2364BugBacklogLowGUI: feedback on running background job is out of field of vision

17 May 2019 14:00wuttke
2363BugBacklogLowUnits: GUI overrides user choice - specifically, the detector coordinate unit

17 May 2019 13:52wuttke
2360FeatureLong Term IdeaLow3DView: Provide button to save video

14 May 2019 17:19juan
2355FeatureRejectedLownomenclature: "rectangular" -> "flat detector"

13 May 2019 16:27wuttke
2353FeatureBacklogLowGUI: Add "View" to mainwindow menu bar, and replace right-click menu with something context specific.

13 May 2019 13:02wuttke
2350FeatureBacklogLowGUI: Material editor: Start without scroll bars, and automatically center dropped sample models

13 May 2019 11:16wuttke
2343RefactoringRejectedLowImprove performance in reflectometry enginerbeerwerth

30 Apr 2019 18:17dmitry
2341FeatureBacklogLowGUI: personal material library

18 Apr 2019 13:53ganeva
2336FeatureResolvedLowMake reflectometry computation as fast as in Refnx

04 Apr 2019 13:47juan
2327BugBacklogLowGUI: cannot delete several experimental datasets at once

15 Mar 2019 09:50dmitry
2279FeatureBacklogLowCore: allow the user to select the contributions to the scattering intensity (diffuse, coherent)

11 Jan 2019 10:21herck
2274FeatureLong Term IdeaLowCode organisation: investigate Swig replacement

09 Jan 2019 11:34pospelov
2261FeatureBacklogLowGUI: WelcomeView: Provide tooltip for project file name

19 Dec 2018 08:22pospelov
2253BugBacklogLowGUI: The "Fit parameters" window is incorrectly displayed

10 Dec 2018 16:57Uliana_Koneva
2251BugBacklogLowGUI: plots: The ordinate (y) scale of graph "Iteration" incorrect display.

10 Dec 2018 15:27Uliana_Koneva
2248BugBacklogLowGUI: Material editor: problems on windows

07 Dec 2018 12:50dmitry
2244FeatureBacklogLowPythonAPI: support DepthProbeInstrument (currently GUI only)

06 Dec 2018 10:55pospelov
2238FeatureBacklogLowGUI: Import tab: Get rid of "Linked_instrument"

30 Nov 2018 19:40dmitry
2221RefactoringBacklogLowInstaller: Windows: get libraries from Nuget?

13 Nov 2018 17:35pospelov
2215FeatureBacklogLowCore: inter-particle: implement other variant for 2d lattice interference function

06 Nov 2018 09:48herck
2211RefactoringBacklogLowGUI: Fit view: Refactor fit progress/fit comparison widgets

26 Oct 2018 12:41pospelov
2206FeatureBacklogLowGUI: restore broken drag-and-drop in the ItemTreeView

18 Oct 2018 15:48pospelov
2205FeatureBacklogLowFit: Replace difference plot in fitobserver with the true metric used for minimization

18 Oct 2018 13:47herck
2182FeatureRejectedLowSimulation::setTerminalProgressMonitor doesn't work on specular simulation

04 Oct 2018 09:46pospelov
2164FeatureBacklogLowCore: import: support edf format for scattering data

20 Sep 2018 15:06herck
2160FeatureBacklogLowGUI: consider mask editor to be invoked from instrument view

19 Sep 2018 16:06pospelov
2152BugResolvedLowProject build fail if OpenGL is not accessiblewuttke

17 Sep 2018 12:11dmitry
2138FeatureResolvedLow3D view: side/top view switch should take in the account size of the sample anikhalderSprint 39

05 Sep 2018 10:35pospelov
2120RefactoringBacklogLowCore: inter-particle: Let decay functions calculate the minimum and maximum values of q to use

24 Jul 2018 12:19herck
2109RefactoringBacklogLowGUI: plots: refactor 1D and 2D plotting

12 Jul 2018 09:57pospelov
2090BugBacklogLowGUI: Fitting history is wiped out after switching to another view and back

15 Jun 2018 19:41dmitry
2072DocumentationBacklogLowArtwork: provide favicon for new website

12 Jun 2018 16:11pospelov
2064BugBacklogLowGUI: plots: weird behaviour when equalizing plots

29 May 2018 14:24dmitry
2062BugRejectedLowSaving data to "Untitled" directory on win

29 May 2018 13:18dmitry
2056FeatureBacklogLowGUI: Restore MaterialPropertyController

24 May 2018 12:41pospelov
2020TestingBacklogLowTest: add functional test of reproducibility of simulation runs

21 Mar 2018 13:57dmitry
1996FeatureBacklogLowGUI: About: print build time

02 Mar 2018 11:16pospelov
1992FeatureBacklogLowGUI: RealTimeView: revise

28 Feb 2018 16:18pospelov
1975BugRejectedLowFailed to import numpy on Windows (in virtual environment)dmitrySprint 37

22 Feb 2018 20:54pospelov
1928FeatureBacklogLowGUI: SpecularSimulation: progress counter broken

22 Dec 2017 14:22dmitry
1926BugResolvedLowCompilation fails on Windows with Qt 5.10.0pospelovSprint 36

14 Dec 2017 11:05dmitry
1923FeatureResolvedLowPropagate exception messages from python extensions of BornAgain librarydmitrySprint 36

07 Dec 2017 17:54dmitry
1915FeatureRejectedLowWarning while loading certain tiff file

04 Dec 2017 11:06pospelov
1897BugResolvedLowwarnings from Eigen3dmitrySprint 36

19 Nov 2017 13:10wuttke
1893RefactoringBacklogLowGUI: provide uniform splitters where possible

14 Nov 2017 11:43pospelov
1805FeatureLong Term IdeaLowCode dependencies: investigate usage of Python packages from C++ (fabio, periodictable)

11 May 2017 11:53pospelov
1773FeatureBacklogLowGUI: implement a ruler for ProjectionsEditor

24 Feb 2017 14:33pospelov
1755FeatureBacklogLowGUI: provide additional command line parameter to open existing projects

19 Jan 2017 12:32pospelov
1741FeatureRejectedLowWavelength/radiatio independent way to define material parameters

19 Dec 2016 20:11a.glavic
1719DocumentationRejectedLowManual: avoid the word "matrix" for embedding, ambient bulk material

02 Dec 2016 15:33wuttke
1718ConfigurationBacklogLowInstaller: Windows: Provide alternative installer with debug symbols

02 Dec 2016 15:15pospelov
1704FeatureBacklogLowFit: Revise chi squared module

01 Dec 2016 14:38wuttke
1693RefactoringRejectedLowParameterization: Make consequential use of default values in initializer lists.

01 Dec 2016 11:13wuttke
1650RefactoringResolvedLowDesignation "ROOT" (or "Root" or "BA_ROOT") should not be used for code other than CERN ROOT

20 Nov 2016 10:11wuttke
1638DocumentationRejectedLowManual: Improve / restore side bar navigation

14 Nov 2016 16:57wuttke
1635ConfigurationResolvedLowupdate to gtest-1.8Sprint 33

12 Nov 2016 14:10wuttke
1629BugRejectedLowGISASSimulatin setAnalyzerProperties total_transmission default parameter generates Exceptionherck

08 Nov 2016 09:06a.glavic
1628DocumentationResolvedLowCan't clone git repositiory

08 Nov 2016 08:49a.glavic
1625RefactoringRejectedLowmerge classes ILayout and ParticleLayout

04 Nov 2016 15:43wuttke
1622RefactoringRejectedLowavoid smart pointers in user API

01 Nov 2016 17:40wuttke
1615ConfigurationBacklogLowCode organisation: in each third-party source directory, provide information about used download location, download date, and downloaded version

13 Oct 2016 14:13wuttke
1610RefactoringRejectedLowin Simulation, wrap Sample by trivial SampleBuilder

29 Sep 2016 10:05wuttke
1604RefactoringResolvedLowmove expected inaccuracy (m_variability) out of class OutputDataSprint 33

09 Sep 2016 13:21pospelov
1588RefactoringArchivedLowFitSuiteParameters inhibits Python iteratorpospelovSprint32

10 Aug 2016 10:44wuttke
1584RefactoringResolvedLowreplace deprecated "exec_program"wuttke

09 Aug 2016 14:38wuttke
1581RefactoringRejectedLowget... -> create... if new pointer is returned

09 Aug 2016 08:34wuttke
1578RefactoringBacklogLowCore: FF: reimplement ripples as Cartesian product Profile * Decay

08 Aug 2016 16:01wuttke
1575FeatureRejectedLowINamed: promote member m_name from private to protected

05 Aug 2016 11:23wuttke
1568FeatureBacklogLowCore: FF: Implement TruncatedEllipsoid to replace HemiEllipsoidwuttke

03 Aug 2016 13:25wuttke
1556RefactoringArchivedLowFormFactorInfo: remove unused m_pos_x, m_pos_ySprint32

01 Aug 2016 18:24wuttke
1549RefactoringRejectedLowrename class FitSuite

01 Aug 2016 11:22wuttke
1548RefactoringRejectedLowchoose name for fit library

01 Aug 2016 11:10wuttke
1547RefactoringResolvedLowrestore ScanningMinimizer

01 Aug 2016 10:57wuttke
1545RefactoringRejectedLowINamed: replace default "" by typeid()

01 Aug 2016 10:34wuttke
1544ConfigurationRejectedLowrequire libcerf instead of providing ThirdParty/Fadeeva

01 Aug 2016 10:25wuttke
1542RefactoringArchivedLowMake ParameterPool and RealParameter independent of IParameterizedwuttkeSprint32

28 Jul 2016 10:37wuttke
1541RefactoringRejectedLowreview areAlmostEqual and get_relative_difference

28 Jul 2016 10:18wuttke
1537FeatureRejectedLowparametrize Gaussians and Lorentzians by mean and fwhm

26 Jul 2016 14:33wuttke
1525FeatureRejectedLowconsider parameters of types int, enum, bool

21 Jul 2016 12:22wuttke
1521FeatureRejectedLowGUI: find the way for update notifier to not to rely on CHANGELOG

19 Jul 2016 15:24pospelov
1519DocumentationRejectedLowLinking failure of Ubuntu with Python installed via Anaconda bundle

18 Jul 2016 18:46pospelov
1518BugRejectedLowBuild failure on Ubuntu with static version of fftw3 library

18 Jul 2016 18:28pospelov
1514RefactoringArchivedLowRemove code duplication in Distributions.h and .cppherckSprint32

14 Jul 2016 16:24herck
1507FeatureBacklogLowGUI: Sample builder & editor: SHIFT+LeftClick should add to selection

12 Jul 2016 11:34wuttke
1506FeatureBacklogLowGUI Sample Tree View: cut / paste or move to be added to right-click popup menu

12 Jul 2016 10:14wuttke
1504FeatureBacklogLowGUI: support standard control keys

12 Jul 2016 09:30wuttke
1479RefactoringRejectedLowpresence of some boost components not checked by cmake

28 Jun 2016 14:12herck
1469RefactoringRejectedLowPackage Multifit-Suite as separate library

16 Jun 2016 10:19wuttke

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