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1644DocumentationRejectedNormal"User Login" block on homepage should explain _why_ to create account

16 Nov 2016 17:40wuttke
2084FeatureResolvedNormal3D view: implement mesocrystalSprint 39

14 Jun 2018 14:19pospelov
2083FeatureResolvedNormal3D view: provide selective view updateSprint 38

14 Jun 2018 14:16pospelov
1403BugResolvedNormalabsence of gsl.h not detected by cmake

12 Apr 2016 08:56wuttke
1920FeatureResolvedNormalAdapt BornAgain GUI for 4k displays

07 Dec 2017 11:51pospelov
455DocumentationArchivedNormalAdd demos into Examples/python sectionSprint 17

18 Oct 2013 10:03pospelov
496DocumentationRejectedNormalAdd description of the covered functionality

12 Nov 2013 16:35ganeva
767FeatureRejectedNormalAdd functionality into MinimizerFactory::printCatalogue.

14 Aug 2014 14:10pospelov
1098DocumentationRejectedNormalAdd Python examples Interference2DLatticeSumOfRotated and TriangularRipple to Drupal

10 Jun 2015 12:31herck
1658BugResolvedNormaladd qt5-svg as a dependencySprint 33

22 Nov 2016 09:31jmfisher
1497RefactoringRejectedNormalAgree on new Core directory structure and class renaming to Rename certain classes and methods.Sprint32

01 Jul 2016 14:23pospelov
243BugRejectedNormalApp/App produces tons of warnings

24 Mar 2013 08:53wuttke
1767FeatureRejectedNormalarray operations for python custom form factor

17 Feb 2017 12:19jmfisher
1538RefactoringRejectedNormalAttLimits::isInRange(value) returns true for value==m_lower_limit, and false for value==m_upper_limit

27 Jul 2016 15:38wuttke
1456RefactoringRejectedNormalAutomatize update of Py Examples

08 Jun 2016 12:28wuttke
2055BugRejectedNormalBornAgain cannot fit multiple datasets if sample is created with sample builder

22 May 2018 14:13dmitry
1973BugRejectedNormalBornAgain functional tests fail under Python 3.6Sprint 36

21 Feb 2018 13:39dmitry
1489RefactoringRejectedNormalBuild: refactor fix_apple_bundle for the production of MacOS installer

01 Jul 2016 13:48pospelov
1348ConfigurationRejectedNormalBuildbot: install agent on scgmini and attach Mavericks/Yosemite/El Capitan vagrant boxes

19 Feb 2016 13:37pospelov
1349FeatureRejectedNormalBuildbot: provide tutorial how to add new build configuration: Linux

19 Feb 2016 13:38pospelov
1481ConfigurationRejectedNormalBuildbot: provide tutorial how to add new build configuration: MacOS

01 Jul 2016 13:39herck
1480ConfigurationRejectedNormalBuildbot: provide tutorial how to add new build configuration: Windows

01 Jul 2016 13:39herck
335FeatureArchivedNormalCheck Python 3 compatibilitySprint 31

23 Jul 2013 09:49pospelov
1532RefactoringRejectedNormalclarify relation of PolDWBAMagCylinders2 and StandardSimulations/StandardSimulations.h/cpp to standard Core function tests

22 Jul 2016 16:00wuttke
262RefactoringRejectedNormalclarify semantics of INamed

11 Apr 2013 16:46wuttke
621DocumentationRejectedNormalClean up OpenGrok code browser

25 Feb 2014 09:46pospelov
239DocumentationArchivedNormalclean up redmineSprint 13

23 Mar 2013 09:59wuttke
1896BugRejectedNormalcmake does not detect missing libboost-iostreams-dev

19 Nov 2017 13:07wuttke
337FeatureRejectedNormalcmake: implement CPack generation of tgz archive

25 Jul 2013 21:42pospelov
1662BugResolvedNormalCMake: require Qt version 5.4Sprint 33

22 Nov 2016 15:53pospelov
42FeatureArchivedNormalCode browsing: Implement automatic nightly doxygen and dedicated web pageSprint 3

21 Jun 2012 16:54pospelov
401FeatureRejectedNormalCode cleanup in widgetbox to get rid from private Qt headers

19 Sep 2013 10:07pospelov
78FeatureRejectedNormalCode quality: insert App code in doxygen in the form of the group; remove Doc, ThirdParty from grok indexing

07 Aug 2012 11:58pospelov
37FeatureRejectedNormalComparison with experiment: fit sample ex001 from our database

25 May 2012 16:41pospelov
513FeatureRejectedNormalComposition of transformations

26 Nov 2013 12:30herck
2165FeatureRejectedNormalConsider disabling x,y offset in ParticleItem menu when they do not affect scattering pattern

20 Sep 2018 15:22pospelov
1748RefactoringRejectedNormalConsider IParameter storing the data by reference

18 Jan 2017 12:02pospelov
1430RefactoringResolvedNormalConsider moving FormFactor unit tests to a single functional test

12 May 2016 10:43pospelov
2052RefactoringResolvedNormalConsider switching to C++17

17 May 2018 10:15dmitry
1031DocumentationRejectedNormalCoordinate system and transformations

07 Apr 2015 23:26a.glavic
1582RefactoringResolvedNormalCorrect model for dense particles on surface

09 Aug 2016 08:53a.glavic
2328BugRejectedNormalCrashing during GISAS fittingSprint 41

19 Mar 2019 12:25dmitry
166DocumentationRejectedNormalCreate architectural overview documentation

04 Feb 2013 10:07herck
530TestingArchivedNormalCreate AxisBin unit testSprint 18

10 Dec 2013 12:57Anonymous
168RefactoringRejectedNormalCreate class to hold Experiment, SimulationParameters and ISample

06 Feb 2013 12:51herck
794FeatureResolvedNormalCreate dmg package

02 Sep 2014 11:09ganeva
536TestingArchivedNormalCreate FTDistributions unit testSprint 18

17 Dec 2013 13:42Anonymous
537TestingArchivedNormalCreate MultiLayer unit testSprint 19

17 Dec 2013 17:59Anonymous
395FeatureRejectedNormalCreate rpm package

10 Sep 2013 12:55wuttke
529TestingArchivedNormalCreate TRange unit testSprint 18

10 Dec 2013 11:45Anonymous
2371BugRejectedNormalCtrl+S doesn't work for saving project on winSprint 41

22 May 2019 00:10dmitry
1598RefactoringRejectedNormaldecide on policy for incomplete ICompositeSample descendant constructors

31 Aug 2016 17:08wuttke
398DocumentationArchivedNormaldefault installation from tgz; direct only experts to git snapshotSprint 17

11 Sep 2013 18:58wuttke
2073FeatureRejectedNormalDefine objectives for Sprint 38Sprint 38

13 Jun 2018 13:19pospelov
783FeatureArchivedNormalDesign BornAgain main application iconSprint 25

27 Aug 2014 15:28pospelov
1286RefactoringRejectedNormaldon't include each core .h file in each .pypp.cpp file

02 Feb 2016 09:22wuttke
1104DocumentationRejectedNormaldon't use version-dependent URLs in the online docs

17 Jun 2015 09:35wuttke
945DocumentationRejectedNormalDrupal: add prototype of new content to represent PythonAPI items

02 Feb 2015 10:19pospelov
946DocumentationArchivedNormalDrupal: write how to get help and how to request a new feature in FAQ sectionSprint 26

02 Feb 2015 10:26pospelov
1900FeatureRejectedNormalenable ^X ^C ^V ^Z ^A in GUI

19 Nov 2017 13:28wuttke
1044FeatureRejectedNormalEncode magnetization of materials instead of total magnetic induction

17 Apr 2015 15:09herck
1649RefactoringResolvedNormalEnsure consistent use of ambientMaterial

19 Nov 2016 17:28wuttke
985DocumentationRejectedNormalExplain convolution sign (\otimes) in User Manual

20 Feb 2015 11:47wuttke
599FeatureResolvedNormalExtend OutputData widget with projectionsSprint 21

12 Feb 2014 13:46pospelov
2158DocumentationResolvedNormalExtend website with nightly builds to accomodate for early testers

19 Sep 2018 13:56herck
2089RefactoringRejectedNormalExtract calculation of region maps out of IComputationTermSprint 38

15 Jun 2018 15:02herck
747FeatureArchivedNormalFinalize QuickSimulationView.Sprint 23

01 Aug 2014 15:24pospelov
1574BugRejectedNormalFind the way of comfort work in Qt creator in the absence of some headers

04 Aug 2016 13:03pospelov
1557RefactoringRejectedNormalFitParameterLinked causes weird coupling

01 Aug 2016 21:42wuttke
2250DocumentationResolvedNormalFix doxygen documentation

10 Dec 2018 12:12dmitry
698FeatureRejectedNormalFix incompatibility between integration over bin and infinite particles

04 Jun 2014 12:45herck
1367BugArchivedNormalFix python bindings to make fitting example FitAlongSlices workingSprint 31

07 Mar 2016 15:47pospelov
267BugRejectedNormalFix stderr redirection of TestCore unit tests

17 Apr 2013 11:33herck
315DocumentationRejectedNormalFor the sake of modern look and fill - install latest dokuwiki

04 Jul 2013 17:21pospelov
890FeatureRejectedNormalFormfactor restrictions in fitting and distributions

07 Nov 2014 16:14ganeva
1552BugResolvedNormalFormFactorTrivial should have RadialExtension = 0

01 Aug 2016 14:30wuttke
79FeatureResolvedNormalFramework general: measure Eigen library performance in the view of gsl_matrix, BasicVector3D, Coordinates3D refactoring

09 Aug 2012 11:04pospelov
157DocumentationResolvedNormalfull documentation of implemented theory for para- and mesocrystals

21 Jan 2013 10:48herck
1699FeatureRejectedNormalfunctional tests: Improve MinimizerCatalogue::toString

01 Dec 2016 14:31wuttke
211RefactoringRejectedNormalGet rid from fixRatioBetweenParameters in parameter pool by introducing new ParticleBuilder

12 Mar 2013 10:44pospelov
380RefactoringRejectedNormalGet rid from multiple inheritance ICloneable, IParameterized

02 Sep 2013 14:38pospelov
1675FeatureRejectedNormalGet rid of ctypes.addressof in PySampleBuilderSprint 37

24 Nov 2016 17:57pospelov
1717BugRejectedNormalGISASSimulation: setBeamParameters and setDetectorParameters have opposite order of alpha, phi

02 Dec 2016 14:46wuttke
174FeatureRejectedNormalGui prototype: implement prototype of Fit window with empty docks for Fit RunInfo, Minimizer Settings, Parameters, Area selection

18 Feb 2013 11:42pospelov
1796FeatureRejectedNormalGUI: consider adding read only property 'Volume' to the form factor

07 Apr 2017 11:24pospelov
894FeatureArchivedNormalGUI: create collapsible group boxSprint 25

11 Nov 2014 13:53Anonymous
1397FeatureRejectedNormalGUI: decimals

24 Mar 2016 20:40david
1632BugResolvedNormalGUI: delete button doesn't work on MacBook for masks on ImportDataView

11 Nov 2016 12:22pospelov
851FeatureArchivedNormalGUI: disable qDebug() outputs for Release buildSprint 25

22 Oct 2014 16:02pospelov
1815BugRejectedNormalGUI: FitView sometimes stops fit progress updateSprint 35

02 Jun 2017 16:20pospelov
1336BugResolvedNormalGUI: fix "Settings" menu bar on MacOSX

12 Feb 2016 18:23pospelov
2445FeatureResolvedNormalGUI: fix fancy toolbars under LinuxSprint 43

05 May 2020 16:39pospelov
1520BugArchivedNormalGUI: global progress bar seems to be not updatingSprint32

19 Jul 2016 13:42pospelov
1695FeatureRejectedNormalGUI: Implement crash handler, and restoration of state before crash

01 Dec 2016 13:44wuttke
940FeatureRejectedNormalGUI: implement export to Python script

02 Feb 2015 09:46pospelov
1185FeatureRejectedNormalGUI: implement Q-space detector in GUI

14 Sep 2015 13:33pospelov
1491RefactoringRejectedNormalGUI: improve GUI fitting performance

01 Jul 2016 13:49pospelov
1637BugRejectedNormalGUI: just loaded fitting project appears as already changed

14 Nov 2016 16:56pospelov
1305FeatureRejectedNormalGUI: Make real time simulation aware of current zoom level to speed up the performanceSprint 31

05 Feb 2016 15:07pospelov
1794BugRejectedNormalGUI: minimizer settings wrongly loaded from project file

07 Apr 2017 09:55pospelov

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