• BornAgain repository was imported to GitHub

  • master and develop branches were made protected

changes are possible via pull requests

  • Continuous integration was set to provide automatic builds of develop branch "on pull request" for 2 configurations: MacOS, Windows

This uses GitHub's services Appveyor and Travis

How to start working with new scgmlz/BornAgain repository
  • Create your own fork of scgmlz/BornAgain using your gitHub account.
  • Clone your fork locally
  • Setup your local git to track ‘upstream’ repository, which is scgmlz/BornAgain

  • Learn how to fetch changes from scgmlz/BornAgain to local and how to propagate it to origin, i.e. to yourname/BornAgain.

Making your first contribution
  • Fetch changes from scgmlz/BornAgain
  • create FeatureBranch, make code changes
  • push to origin, i.e. to yourname/Bornagain
  • go to GitHub and create pull request yourname/BornAgain/FeatureBranch -> scgmlz/BornAgain/develop
Accepting pull requests
  • Every pull requests to scgmlz/BornAgain/develop triggers automatic build on Travis/Appveyor.
  • The button "Accept pull requests" gets enabled on automatic build successful completion.
  • To accept pull request, assign yourself as a reviewer, review the code, comment, ask for changes if necessary, push the button "accept" when everything is OK.

Note for scgmlz administrators: accepting of your own pull requests, while being technically possible, is very bad for administrator's karma.

To fetch a pull request commit: git fetch upstream pull/493/head:new_local_name