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pospelov, 14 Nov 2016 09:56

Preparing dmg installer

  • Go to buidbot and run forced build for BornAgain-develop-OS_mavericks-dev
  • The dmg installer will be made from develop branch of scgmlz/BornAgain repository.
  • After build complete, take dmg installer from

scp scg@scgmini:/Users/scg/deployment/results/BornAgain-1.6.99-macosx64-10.9+.dmg <somewhere>

How to build dmg from your custom branch

  • Go to scgmini

ssh scg@scgmini
cd /Users/scg/basedir/mavericks-dev-develop

  • Edit

Comment line "git clone -b develop", add your own repository/branch
Got to buildbot and proceed as usual as described in "Prepare dmg installer"
Don't forget to return in original state, when done.


  • If something went wrong, you can always ssh to virtual machine
    • If vagrant machine is already running

cd /Users/scg/deployment/vagrant/projects/mavericks-dev
vagrant ssh

  • If vagrant machine is not running

cd /Users/scg/deployment/vagrant/projects/mavericks-dev; vagrant up --no-provision

  • Actual build configuration is defined in two build files on scgmini



This explains how to compile BornAgain into OS X binary installer using scgmini build server.
Instruction will change as soon as more automation will be achieved

  • Login to scgmini

ssh scg@scgmini

  • Pull latest changes from main repository

cd /Users/scg/development/BornAgain/BornAgain; git checkout hotfix-1.6.1; git pull

  • Proceed to Vagrant project directory, run build

cd /Users/scg/deployment/vagrant/projects/mavericks-dev; vagrant up

at this point compilation will start. It will last ~30 min. Results will be uploaded to the build server.

  • Take results

scp /Users/scg/deployment/results/BornAgain-1.4.0-macosx64-10.9+.dmg <somewhere>

  • Destroy virtual machine

vagrant destroy

The command should be run from mavericks-dev directory