Releasing the Manual

Run enough passes so that all cross-references are correct.

Check version number on title page.

Publish the PDF:

cp BornAgainManual.pdf <archive>/BornAgainManual-<version>.pdf
cd <archive>
scp BornAgainManual-<version>.pdf
ssh mkdir /www/apps/src/BornAgain/old/BornAgain-<major>.<minor>
ssh mv /www/apps/src/BornAgain/<latest>.pdf /www/apps/src/BornAgain/old/BornAgain-<major>.<minor>/

Convert the manual from PDF to HTML:

Use patched pdf2htmlEX from, branch mktree

If rebuild is necessary: first rebuild fontforge (

cd bornagain/Doc/pdf2html
export V= # version
pdf2htmlEX --zoom 1.4 --data-dir . <archive>/BornAgainManual-$V.pdf
scp BornAgainManual-$V.html apps@a:/www/apps/src/BornAgain/
ssh rm /www/apps/src/BornAgain/BornAgainManual-<old_version>.html

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