Updating scgmini and boxes

This explains how to update Macmini server and boxes.

Updating Macmini

  • ssh scg@scgmini
  • Install what apple wants (for Applestore password ask Gennady)
  • brew update
  • brew upgrade `brew outdated`
  • brew cleanup

Updating Yosemite box

Our current yosemite-dev box is /Users/scg/deployment/vagrant/orig_boxes/osx-yosemite-dev-4.0.box. This box is already imported into Vagrant. Our task: upgrade packages inside active box and make it a new default box.

  • ssh scg@scgmini
  • cd /Users/scg/deployment/vagrant/projects/yosemite-dev
  • vagrant up --no-provision
  • vagrant ssh
  • Now you are inside the box

brew update && brew upgrade `brew outdated`
brew install eigen # (if some new dependency has appeared)
brew cleanup -n; brew cleanup

  • Now you are back in macmini, Let's package new box, remove old box, add new box into vagrant (Current 10.12.2018 box version 4.0, use 5.0 for next)

vagrant package --output osx-yosemite-dev-5.0.box
vagrant destroy
mv osx-yosemite-dev-5.0.box ~/deployment/vagrant/orig_boxes/.
vagrant box remove yosemite-dev
vagrant box add yosemite-dev /Users/scg/deployment/vagrant/orig_boxes/osx-yosemite-dev-5.0.box

Changes in Python version handling since release 1.14

  • I have deinstalled all Pythons from Homebrew and use pyenv to switch between different Python versions.
# initial installation
brew install pyenv
export PATH="/Users/vagrant/.pyenv:$PATH" 
eval "$(pyenv init -)" 

# Python installations
env PYTHON_CONFIGURE_OPTS="--enable-shared" pyenv install 3.6.7
pyenv local 3.6.7
pip install numpy

# the same for versions 2.7.15 and 3.7.1

  • The rest is handled by vagrant and its deployment script build_bornagain.sh


  • After I updated brew (brew update && brew upgrade `brew outdated`) in the box, our cmake was not able to find boost-python anymore

brew doctor # to see what's wrong
brew link boost-python # to repair broken link
don't forget brew-cleanup to get rid from previous packages


  • Installing clang
    sudo brew tap homebrew/versions
    sudo brew link xz
    sudo brew install llvm37