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pospelov, 05 Sep 2013 11:59

Windows build

Experimental compilation under Windows using Mingw or Microsoft Visual Studio.
To be updated.

Install packages for happier life
  • Atlassian SourceTree (v0.9.2.3)

  • Kate from KDE

  • far manager

  • WinSCP

First assure compilation of MinGW, then switch to Visual Studio recipe

Mingw build

Install Qt, cmake
  • Install Qt 5.1.0, MinGW is part of this installer
Add to PATH C:\Qt\Tools\mingw48_32\bin;C:\Qt\Tools\mingw48_32\lib;C:\Qt\5.1.0\mingw48_32\bin;C:\Qt\Tools\QtCreator\bin

this will allow usage of mingw from any command line

  • install cmake by running cmake-

Install Python and Co
  • Install Python

install through into C:/Python27

  • install numpy

from unofficial by running numpy-unoptimized-1.7.1.win32-py2.7.‌exe

  • install matplotlib

from by running matplotlib-1.2.1.win32-py2.7.exe

(alternative install Anaconda pack (python + mingw + numpy) from ) Not checked!

Comment about installation of additional libraries

All further installations should end up in C:\opt\local

Install gsl, fftw3
  • Install gsl

using corresponding gnuwin32 setup file from
install in the default location
copy "C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\include\gsl" to "C:\opt\local\include\gsl"
copy libgsl.dll and libgslcblas.dll from "C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\bin" to "C:\opt\local\lib"

  • Install fftw3

from download
unpack archive somewhere
copy fftw3.h to C:\opt\local\include
copy libfftw3-3.dll and libfftw3-3.def to C:\opt\local\lib

install BOOST
  • install zlib and bzip2

from into C:/opt/local/source/zlib-1.2.8
from into C:/opt/local/source/bzip2-1.0.6

Patch bzip2 installation (necessary for MSVC build later)
Namely delete first line ("LIBRARY LIBBZ2") from file libbz2.def
This will remove unnecessary dependency from external bzip2 during MSVC boost compilation

  • Download and compile boost_1_54_0

from and unpack
bootstrap.bat mingw
b2 install --prefix=c:/opt/local toolset=gcc -sBZIP2_SOURCE="C:\opt\local\source\bzip2-1.0.6" -sZLIB_SOURCE="C:\opt\local\source\zlib-1.2.8" address-model=32 variant=release link=static,shared threading=single,multi
Move c:/opt/local/include/boost_1.54/boost directory into c:/opt/local/include/boost

  • Add c:\home\pospelov\development\git\BornAgain\lib;c:\opt\local\lib to PATH
Where we are?
  • At this point Qt creator should work (except App and GUI)
  • At this point cmake should work too

cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" ../BornAgain
mingw32-make -j4
mingw32-make check

MS Visual Studio build

Install VS.NET2012

Install En language pack
install "stop build on error" plugin

Comment about installation of additional libraries

All further installations should end up in C:\opt\local_vc110

  • Install gsl

Download source from
Copy gsl-1.8 source dir into C:\opt\local_vc110\source