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pospelov, 22 Aug 2013 16:15

Windows build

Installed Windows 7 Professional 64 bit on Mac Boot Camp partition and then created a Parallels virtual machine which runs on this partition
Installed on Windows:
  • Qt (Qt 5.0.2 libraries for MinGW & Qt Creator 2.7.0); MinGW is part of this installer
  • Atlassian SourceTree (v0.9.2.3)
  • Installed gnuwin32 from sourceforge
  • Installed gsl from
  • Downloaded fftw3 library from and moved fftw3.h to new include folder and libfftw3-3.dll to new lib folder (for compatibility with unix/mac paths in shared.pri)
  • Downloaded boost_1_53_0 from sourceforge
  • Build Boost:
    0) Adapt <BOOSTDIR>\tools\build\v2\tools\python.jam according to SO:

On IRC, we have found the following procedure fixes the problem:

Open tools/build/v2/tools/python.jam
There, locate the following code:

if [ version.check-jam-version 3 1 17 ] || ( [ ] != NT ) {
  1. Prior to version 3.1.17 Boost Jam's SHELL command did not support
  2. quoted commands correctly on Windows. This means that on that
  3. platform we do not support using a Python command interpreter
  4. executable whose path contains a space character.
    python-cmd = \"$(python-cmd)\" ;
    Remove that code block completely.
1) -> cd <BOOSTDIR>\tools\build\v2\engine
2) -> build.bat mingw
3) copy resulting bjam.exe into <BOOSTDIR>
4) -> cd <BOOSTDIR>
5) -> bjam - -sZLIB_SOURCE="C:\zlib-1.2.8" toolset=gcc address-model=32 variant=release link=static,shared threading=single,multi install
6) renamed all boost libraries to conform with *nix libnames (using powershell)
-Moved needed dlls to windlls folder which is included in path
-Installed Eigen-3.1.3 library (headers only)
-Installed Root:
1) -> git clone
2) installed and run cmake (CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="c:\root" GSL_DIR="c:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32" MSVC_VERSION=1600)
3) run mingw32-make in root build directory
From Gennady:
  • after installation of Qt add mingw into the PATH


  • about git

if you install git from, it will come with GitBash utility which is nice replacement for çmd shell program