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19 Mar 2019

12:25 BornAgain Bug #2328 (Sprint): Crashing during GISAS fitting
To reproduce:
1. choose default GISAS instrument
2. set "Cylinders and Prisms" standard sample
3. load attached ...

15 Mar 2019

09:50 BornAgain Bug #2327 (Backlog): GUI: Cannot delete several experimental datasets at once
Observed on win

12 Mar 2019

16:02 BornAgain Bug #2324 (Sprint): TIFF save/load is broken for 2D simulations
After saving 2D GISAS image to tiff and loading it back all intensities are exactly zero.
All operations were done f...
15:57 BornAgain Bug #2323 (Sprint): Cannot set a horizontal/vertical projection when switching from color map to ...
To reproduce:
1. create any GISAS simulation and a sample.
2. simulate and switch to the job
3. switch to projec...

04 Mar 2019

14:59 BornAgain Feature #2316 (Sprint): Provide support for handling intensity uncertainties in experimental data
14:56 BornAgain Feature #2315 (Sprint): Provide support for pointwise resolution in reflectometry
13:01 BornAgain Envelope task #2314 (In Progress): Requirements from ESS instrument scientists for reflectometry ...
Here I will enumerate the requirements to the BornAgain GUI voiced at the meeting in Lund.
Parenthesis denotes the i...
11:52 BornAgain Feature #2313 (Backlog): Adjust step value in spin box for wavelength (instrument view)
Now it's always 1e-3 and is inconvenient to use with wavelength value of e.g. 1.
11:36 BornAgain Bug #2312 (Sprint): GUI crash on attempt to save a project on Mac
Was noticed during presentation in Lund. Crashed with reflectometry instrument and data.

22 Feb 2019

12:51 BornAgain Bug #2307 (Rejected): Wrong units during fit with q-defined reflectometry
Found out that it was just a typo in my script. Sorry

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