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21 Nov 2019

14:19 BornAgain Feature #2423 (Rejected): Core: add posterior normalization for reflectivity curves
Good first issue.
It can be implemented as an additional unit for representation (in the same way as RQ^4, q-space...
13:37 BornAgain Feature #2422 (Backlog): Core: add free-form resolution for reflectometry
Good first issue.
Currently BA features only predefined resolution functions (though one can set different standar...

20 Nov 2019

17:16 BornAgain Refactoring #2421 (Backlog): Core: instrument: Remove remnants of old-style divergence definition...
Good first issue.
Since a better (pointwise) resolution mechanism is available for reflectometry,
one can remove ...
16:41 BornAgain Feature #2420 (Backlog): TO DISCUSS: Switch back to previous 1D (interactive) data loader
The interactive loader provided a more reach functionality (e.g. data scaling and choice of units) than the currently...
15:27 BornAgain Feature #12 (Backlog): Core: SLD: Calculation of refractive index for x-rays and neutrons from da...
14:47 BornAgain Bug #2272: Reports from the school: coefficients are not scalar bug.
The bug is caused by setting non-zero roughness together with magnetization.
Since computation engine for polarized ...
14:28 BornAgain Feature #2358 (Resolved): Save/read reflectometry data/simulation in consistent units
14:12 BornAgain Feature #2413 (Resolved): Enable polarized reflectometry
14:12 BornAgain Feature #2413 (Sprint): Enable polarized reflectometry
14:12 BornAgain Feature #2412 (Resolved): Adapt computation engine for polarized ToF reflectometry

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