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23 May 2019

13:13 BornAgain Bug #2329 (Sprint): OffSpecSimulation does not work with rectangular detector

21 May 2019

00:10 BornAgain Bug #2371 (Sprint): Ctrl+S doesn't work for saving project on win
File menu entry works as before. It is also still possible to save the project on exit.

06 May 2019

12:37 BornAgain Bug #2328 (Rejected): Crashing during GISAS fitting
Bug was reproduced on one computer only because of hardware malfunctioning

02 May 2019

11:17 BornAgain Bug #2321 (Resolved): Setting 'Min' or 'Max' for fitparameter Beam Intensity doesn't work
11:16 BornAgain Bug #2344 (Rejected): GUI: impossible to set limits for intensity as a fit parameter
Rejected in favor of the issue no. 2321
09:23 BornAgain Bug #2338 (Resolved): Numerical instability in roughness calculations
09:23 BornAgain Bug #2344 (Rejected): GUI: impossible to set limits for intensity as a fit parameter
1. Create any fitting job
2. Set intensity as a fit parameter
When trying to change fit min/max values, they are ...

30 Apr 2019

18:17 BornAgain Refactoring #2343 (Backlog): Improve performance in reflectometry engine
Currently it uses backwards computation of reflection/transmission coefficients and the bisection to find the last la...

03 Apr 2019

14:02 BornAgain Feature #2335 (Backlog): Non-obvious way of constructing custom evaluate function for FitObjective
evaluate function defined in python will not work properly without calling evaluate_residuals.
In particular, it wil...
13:40 BornAgain Feature #2334 (Backlog): Allow users to choose if they want to put BornAgain in the path or not o...
Currently windows installer puts BornAgain in the python path.
It is not always desirable, since some of the users m...

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