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23 Sep 2020

11:13 BornAgain Feature #726 (Resolved): Polarized: Provide numerically stable calculation of R,T coefficients fo...

05 Aug 2020

17:25 BornAgain Bug #2416: Polarized: Fix treatment of imperfect analyzers
After reading and thinking about this, i think that the operator described in the internal report (Polarized Specular...

23 Jul 2020

10:03 BornAgain Refactoring #2475: Parameterization: BaseMaterialImpl: typeID
Why should this existing mechanism not be used?
It uses the modern @enum class@ es, hence there should be no unexpec...

29 Jun 2020

10:07 BornAgain Bug #2416: Polarized: Fix treatment of imperfect analyzers
After a first discussion with Artur, he wasn't happy with this operator at all.
He also pointed me to https://doi.or...
10:03 BornAgain Feature #2417: Polarized: support z-component of magnetic field
The z-component is mostly irrelevant for reflectometry, according to Artur.
For this reasons we should in first inst...

03 Jun 2020

11:50 BornAgain Refactoring #2462 (New): Polarized: Split beam propagation calculations into a computation and me...
For polarized reflectometry the computation can conceptionally be split into two successive parts.
The first step is...

30 May 2020

17:10 BornAgain Wiki edit: Instruction_for_building_BornAgain_installer_with_Visual_Studio_2017_CE_(with_prebuild...

15 May 2020

15:10 BornAgain Feature #2436: Core API: MultiLayer: redesign to support repetitions.
I looked into the API for Slicing, which is also used to calculate arbitrary interface profiles. I updated the pdf, e...

13 May 2020

12:46 BornAgain Feature #2450 (Resolved): Provide Windows compilation with Python 3.8, switch Appveyor to it

07 May 2020

10:09 BornAgain Feature #2448: Switch Appveyor Windows build to MSVC 2019
This also seems not to be honored anymore in newer cmake versions
A minim...

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