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16 Apr 2015

10:13 BornAgain Bug #1041 (Archived): GUI: depth of particles cannot be negative
It is not possible to set negative values of the depth of particles in the GUI.
It is necessary in the air layer whe...

10 Apr 2015

17:09 BornAgain Revision 09f96c69: Merge branch 'develop' of apps.jcns.fz-juelich.de:BornAgain into develop
17:09 BornAgain Revision c0a1144d: Corrected reference data for truncated cube
14:27 BornAgain Support #577 (Resolved): Implement form factor of truncated cubes
13:59 BornAgain Revision 52b7c021: Truncated cube - correction
13:13 BornAgain Revision 10efc1ea: Merge branch 'truncated_cube' into develop
12:58 BornAgain Revision 1bd30e85: Python bindings regenerated
12:40 BornAgain Revision b7935fe4: New form factor Truncated cube

03 Apr 2015

07:35 BornAgain Revision c3e14633: Manual: corrections to formfactors appendix and pdf versions of cuts for trunc...

02 Apr 2015

15:06 BornAgain Revision b287c44c: Manual: new paragraph about FormFactorTruncatedCube.

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