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12 Mar 2019

17:54 BornAgain Documentation #2223 (Resolved): Update BornAgain Windows installation documentation on the webpage.
17:53 BornAgain Documentation #2308 (Resolved): Fix Windows PyCharm tutorial
17:52 BornAgain Documentation #2325 (Resolved): Proofread Windows installation tutorials
New extended tutorials are available for Windows and Python.
Proofreading is required.

08 Mar 2019

12:48 BornAgain Feature #2205 (Sprint): Replace difference plot in fitobserver with the true metric used for mini...
Is it not already done?
12:44 BornAgain Feature #1805 (Sprint): Investigate the usage of Python external packages (fabio, periodictable) ...
12:41 BornAgain Feature #1988 (Sprint): Propagate best fit parameter values to parameter tree and fit parameter list
12:40 BornAgain Feature #1899 (Rejected): Provide exemplary experimental data, and make them accessible from the ...
Rejected in the favor of similar #2013
12:39 BornAgain Documentation #2013: Provide example project file with 'real' data and web tutorial using this
From Joachim:
Provide exemplary experimental data, and make them accessible from the GUI.
For the impatient, wh...
12:08 BornAgain Bug #2269 (Sprint): GUI on windows: import python script fails with anaconda python in path

05 Mar 2019

10:24 BornAgain Feature #2311: Provide possibility to load 2D ASCII data for files with .dat extention
From MG
GUI allows for importing data matrix from text files with .txt extension. However, some MLZ instruments ...

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