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10 Jul 2019

08:20 BornAgain Bug #2310 (Resolved): GUI: disappeared button to rotate dataset in RealDataView

08 Jul 2019

14:59 BornAgain Feature #2378 (Backlog): Enable new Minuit2 algorithm to Core and GUI
After updating legacy code from ROOT's own repository, I have noticed that they have now a new algorithm in Minuit2 m...

20 May 2019

11:37 BornAgain Refactoring #2369: rename ThirdParty/Fit/RootMinimizers
I will take this issue later, may be during the next sprint, meanwhile removing my name. Please give some suggestions...

15 May 2019

12:28 BornAgain Feature #2360: 3DView: Provide button to save video
I have changed priority to low. We can think of many niceties, but some are much more important than the others.

14 May 2019

11:45 BornAgain Feature #2352 (Rejected): Provide means to save real-space view as image (or animation?)
Duplicates #2294, so rejecting. Request for nice-to-have animation added there.
11:44 BornAgain Feature #2294: 3DView: provide button to save image
Additional request:
Nice to have: create a little animation that shows the sample from rotating perspective.
To ...

25 Apr 2019

12:36 BornAgain Bug #2342 (Resolved): Unit test failure on user system with Qt 5.6.2
Bug was connected with...

24 Apr 2019

09:53 BornAgain Refactoring #2275 (Sprint): Refactor cmake machinery for consistent Python interpreter/libraries ...
09:51 BornAgain Bug #2330 (Sprint): "Save" fails when there are Cyrillic characters on the path.
09:49 BornAgain Bug #2342 (Resolved): Unit test failure on user system with Qt 5.6.2
Artur reports: GUI unit test executable crashes at the end of compilation. System affected: PSI Linux cluster with ma...

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