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22 Jan 2019

09:45 BornAgain Bug #2136 (Rejected): Memory leak
Fixed within #2262

17 Jan 2019

16:51 BornAgain Feature #2290 (Sprint): Implement simplified 2D peak search for GISAS images
Necessary for Bragg peaks positions fitting.
Within this item, try to port ROOT implementation (TSpectrum2D.cxx).

14 Jan 2019

11:30 BornAgain Documentation #2283 (Sprint): Fix starting value of prism_base_edge in fit example

* Fix basic_fitting_tutorial.py. prism_base_edge should be 12nm -> 6nm
* Fix tutorial on web site
Otherwise exa...

11 Jan 2019

11:26 BornAgain Feature #2281 (Backlog): GUI: provide pan mode for camera in 3D view
For complex samples it would be very useful to have pan-move-mode for camera
* Similarly to 2D case, user holds sp...
10:36 BornAgain Bug #2280 (Sprint): GUI: consequitive import of sample from several python scripts is affected by...

Bug appears on consecutive import of sample from different Python scripts.
Suppose you have script1.py with the ...

10 Jan 2019

13:45 BornAgain Bug #2277 (Sprint): GUI: value of wavelength is not propagated on switch from InstrumentView

Steps to reproduce
* Start new GUI, go to InstrumentView
* Change wavelength value from 0.1 to 0.2 (leave curso...
09:18 BornAgain Support #2276 (Sprint): Provide simulation of mpnc sample for DESY

09 Jan 2019

17:18 BornAgain Bug #2262 (Resolved): Fix memory leakage in Python API
16:58 BornAgain Wiki edit: Profiling (#2)
16:32 BornAgain Wiki edit: Wiki (#165)

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