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25 Jul 2019

14:40 BornAgain Bug #2380 (Rejected): Simulation failure for particles crossing interface
I am not sure whether it is a bug or a feature. To reproduce the issue, create buried particles with broad size distr...

24 Jul 2019

14:10 BornAgain Refactoring #2361 (Resolved): Use **kwargs in python plotting routines

23 Jul 2019

10:25 BornAgain Bug #2379 (Rejected): Layer of zero thickness affects SLD profile
Layer of zero thickness affects SLD profile and the simulated scattering pattern. This bug appears only if the layer ...

17 May 2019

12:31 BornAgain Refactoring #2361 (Resolved): Use **kwargs in python plotting routines
refactor plotting to accept and pass **kwargs

18 Apr 2019

13:53 BornAgain Feature #2341 (New): GUI: personal material library
Typical users don't need the whole periodic table of materials. Usually they work with a limited set of them. Some ma...

25 Mar 2019

13:04 BornAgain Bug #2329 (Resolved): OffSpecSimulation does not work with rectangular detector
To reproduce:
Create an offspecular simulation and set the rectangular detector. The simulation will crash with an...

05 Mar 2019

09:57 BornAgain Feature #2302: Provide form factor for hexagon-based twisted pyramid
goes to backlog, since the nanowhisker form factor can be approximated by particle composition
09:51 BornAgain Feature #2320 (New): GUI: save project should save also the Python script
This idea comes from communication to users. They are quite annoyed that they are not able to load their projects cre...
09:47 BornAgain Feature #2319 (Resolved): GUI: import multiple files
BornAgain GUI is very convenient for viewing the experimental data. The only inconvenience is to import each single d...
09:40 BornAgain Feature #2318 (Rejected): GUI: rotate imported 2D dataset
I think, we had already this issue, but I could not find it. MLZ instruments save the data matrix rotated by 90--270 ...

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