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08 Feb 2016

17:42 BornAgain Documentation #1309 (Resolved): Copy&Paste error on website
replace line 49:
Create and return off-specular simulation with beam a...

10 Aug 2015

14:59 BornAgain Bug #1158 (Rejected): many checks fail (1.3.0)
make check
66% tests passed, 45 tests failed out of 133
Total Test time (real) = 216.95 sec
The ...
13:33 BornAgain Bug #1157: Qt dependency is not mentioned in INSTALL
My mistake... I don't think I have Qt installed. So I guess this report reduces to "Qt dependency is not mentioned in...
13:15 BornAgain Bug #1157 (Archived): Qt dependency is not mentioned in INSTALL
git clone git://
cd BornAgain/
mkdir build_dir
cd build_dir
cmake .. -DCMAKE...

14 Jul 2015

14:37 BornAgain Feature #1129 (Rejected): GUI: "Sample" tab is not synchronised with "Jobs" tab
I'm not sure if this would actually be interesting to anyone in real life, but while I'm playing around with BornAgai...
14:25 BornAgain Bug #1128 (Rejected): GUI: Superfluous "Test" button in left side menu
There is a button called "Test" in the GUI on the left hand side of the screen (Welcome, Instrument, Sample, Simulati...

13 Jul 2015

13:36 BornAgain Bug #1127 (Archived): Crash after dragging MultiLayer into MultiLayer
The BornAgain 1.2.0 GUI crashes when dragging a Multi Layer into an existing Multi Layer.

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