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Reported issues: 353

12 Jul 2019

18:28 BornAgain Wiki edit: Publications (#27)

20 May 2019

22:33 BornAgain Wiki edit: Publications (#26)

19 May 2019

18:51 BornAgain Refactoring #2369 (New): rename ThirdParty/Fit/RootMinimizers
As far as I see, this directory contains minimizer code from Minuit2 and GSL. Minuit2 is part of the ROOT distributio...

17 May 2019

15:26 BornAgain Feature #2368 (New): GUI>Simulation: decouple setup editor from action buttons
The "Simulation" tab currently combines property editors "Data selection", "Simulation Parameters" with action button...
14:55 BornAgain Feature #2367 (New): GUI: "Layers" section incorrectly suggests choice between "MultiLayer" and "...
In the GUI sample view, the "Layers" section suggest that "MultiLayer" and "Layer" are the same hierarchical level. T...
14:38 BornAgain Feature #2366 (New): GUI: move Import1D/2D buttons to "File" menu
Currently, the Import1D/2D buttons reside in the "Data" view (per #2365).
Their functionality, however, does not dep...
14:34 BornAgain Feature #2365 (Resolved): GUI: rename "Import" button to "Data"
Also change the tooltip.
This button gives access to the "Import 2D" and "Import 1D"
buttons, but also to the imp...
14:06 BornAgain Bug #2348: In python examples, enforce color coding of our choice
After several discussions, current decision is to do three things:
* Generalize the Python plotting API by passing...
14:00 BornAgain Bug #2364 (New): GUI: feedback on running background job is out of field of vision
When the GUI response to a user action is delayed,
typically because it requires a long computation,
then the user ...
13:52 BornAgain Bug #2363 (New): GUI overrides user choice - specifically, the detector coordinate unit
Shortly after I choose detector coordinates in degrees,
the GUI overrode my choice and fell back to millimeters.

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