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31 Jul 2019

16:26 BornAgain Feature #2394 (New): Finite lattices: shape must not be defined in multiples of base vectors
Currently, the outer shape of a InterferenceFunctionFinite2DLattice (or ditto in 3D) is defined in multiples of base ...
15:08 BornAgain Documentation #2393 (New): Examples > Hexagonal lattices with basis: choose other correlation len...
The current correlation length is extremely small (1R). This is unrealistic; it obscures the Bragg rods from the 2D l...
14:09 BornAgain Documentation #2392 (New): Provide Doxygen class comments for recently added classes
CreateDataImpl (see also #2390)
12:13 BornAgain Refactoring #2391 (New): Move builder classes out of Core or to dedicated namespace
Examples that demonstrate how to use Core should not be part of Core.
Could we move Core/StandardSamples out of Co...
11:36 BornAgain Refactoring #2390 (New): Revise and document CreateDataImpl
In Core/Instrument/ArrayUtils.h: Why CreateDataImpl is a class? Wouldn't a namespace be sufficient, and more to the p...
10:35 BornAgain Refactoring #2387 (New): Rename "OffSpecularConverter"
Rename to "OffSpecConverter" for consistency with "OffSpecSimulation" and several other classes.
10:31 BornAgain Refactoring #2386 (New): why not "ISimulation" instead of "Simulation"?
Simulation is a pure virtual base class. Wouldn't "ISimulation" be more consistent with usage elsewhere?
Same ques...
10:27 BornAgain Documentation #2385 (New): Doxygen > User API > group Simulation: too crowded, break into subgroups
In the Doxygen User API reference, the group "Simulation" is of prime importance: it is listed first, and documents ...

21 Jul 2019

07:34 BornAgain Wiki edit: Publications (#30)
07:34 BornAgain Wiki edit: Publications (#29)

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