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20 Sep 2020

10:38 BornAgain Bug #2354 (Rejected): Core math: Nontrivial scattering pattern at zero contrast
Probably, I overlooked that one needs to specify particle *and* substrate material. When both are set to beta=delta=0...

19 Sep 2020

10:32 BornAgain Feature #1612 (Backlog): Core: beam propagation: add forward scattering amplitudes to specular am...
10:29 BornAgain Documentation #2003 (Resolved): Website: integrate doxygen generated API to Hugo
bornagainproject.org links to doxy pages. Good enough for now.
10:24 BornAgain Documentation #2004 (Rejected): Website: style doxygen generated API to the new website
Would be nice, but default doxygen style is good enough. Too many more urgent things to do.
10:06 BornAgain Feature #1805 (Long Term Idea): Code dependencies: investigate usage of Python packages from C++ ...
10:04 BornAgain Feature #2114: Code dependencies: get rid of boost::iostreams
09:11 BornAgain Refactoring #2462: Polarized: Split beam propagation calculations into a computation and measurem...
Is this still on our agenda? Or has it been superseeded by recent developments?

18 Sep 2020

23:41 BornAgain Feature #1873 (Rejected): Consider incoherent scattering
Reopen when required by specific user needs.
23:41 BornAgain Testing #2121 (Rejected): Consider using mutation testing
moved to https://jugit.fz-juelich.de/mlz/intern/scg-intern/-/blob/master/coding/test-coverage.md
23:34 BornAgain Documentation #840 (Rejected): Website: provide movie with GUI tutorial
Come back to this when Core is mature and GUI is stable.

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