Neutron Transmission Calculator

By Joachim Wuttke 2012.
This is a beta preview.
Please do not trust results unless you know the order of magnitude is right.
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Sum formula:
Density (g/cm^3):
Wavelength (Å):
Sample thickness(mm):

Cross sections σ in barn=10-24cm2;
absorption cross section at 6.27 Å;
molecular weights M in amu:

H 1.76 80.26 1.16 83.18 1.002
O 4.23 0.00 0.00 4.2316.001
total 7.75 160.52 2.32 170.58 18.00

Transmission T=exp(-nσtotd);
Scattering probability S=1-exp(-nσcoh+incd):

T=0.945, S=0.055 for a flat sample, thickness 0.1 mm, under 90°;
T=0.922, S=0.076 for a flat sample, thickness 0.1 mm, under 45°;
T=0.836, S=0.162 for a tubular sample, layer thickness 0.1 mm.

Activation estimation disabled

Using the cross-section tabulation from NIST [Neutron News, Vol. 3, No. 3, 1992, pp. 29-37].