Products & Projects

Data analysis software

BornAgain (grazing-incidence scattering and reflectometry), NSXTool (single-crystal diffraction), Steca (materials diffraction), Mantid (multi-instrument data reduction), Frida (quasielastic scattering), ... [more to come]

Generic libraries

kww (Fourier transform of stretched exponential function), libcerf (complex error function, Voigt profile), lmfit (Levenberg-Marquardt), ransampl (random sampling), ... [more to come]

About Us


We develop open-source software for data analysis in neutron scattering and related techniques ... [more to come]

Team, Contact

We are a team of scientists turned research software engineers ... [more to come]


We closely collaborate with other research facilities ... [more to come]

Student internships

We offer different types of student internships ... [more to come]